The Witcher games have sold over 25million copies since the franchise started

The Witcher games have sold over 25M copies since the franchise started

The financial results of CD Projekt for the last year, and it seems that the series The Witcher is a gift that continues to give.

Since its release in May 2015, have sales Witcher 3 have exceeded 200M, while the series of games as a whole more than 25 million copies have been sold.

2016 Sales increased by 25% over last year, and Vice President of Financial Affairs Piotr Nielubowicz said: “These excellent financial results over the past two years have enabled us to pursue new business and Our ambitious society continues to grow.

“Key development projects are underway under Cyberpunk 2077 and GWENT :. The Witcher card game ”

CD Projekt spent nearly £ 12.5 million in development spending, but still managed to post more than £ 41.5 of cash inflows.

“For years, we have a constant quality priority and focused on a limited number of products. The continued strong sales of The Witcher series defend our approach and contribute to the long-term attractiveness of our versions, “said CD Projeckt President Adam Kiciński.

“This year we continue to develop Witcher’s brand – it’s after all the years of GWENT. We are organizing the first major tournament with a $ 100,000 prize of the game.

“Another crucial series of beta testing will begin in the spring, to follow the retail version in the second half of 2017.”

The release of The Witcher 3 DLC two packs seem to have somewhat increased sales.

If you are interested, Gwent: The Witcher deck of cards is to have a technical beta version on PS4 this weekend.

The closed beta works on PC and Xbox One, with an open beta soon.

Overall, 2016 was a great year for the studio, and they deserve it.


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