Time Management for High School Students


Time Management

Oh, high school! These four can really be exciting years – and not to mention exhausting. Between all homework, extracurricular activities and volunteer work, it is surprising that you can always find time to relax or sleep.

Finding a healthy balance is often the key to success. In fact, a recent study found that students who sacrifice sleep for extra study time are more likely to understand new material or problems in the tests. Surprised? Maybe the study sessions at night are not really worth sleeping. (By the way, it does not really matter if you are deaf class.) How to find a frequented high school as you time to adapt everything and still get a good night’s sleep? It begins with learning good time management skills. Here are five things you can do to manage your schedule and create balance in your life.

Create a To-Do List


Start the day with a list of what you need to accomplish, starting with the most important tasks. Review the breakfast list (a great way to boost your energy and start your brain), and make sure you collect the necessary items (projects, uniforms, forms, etc.). If you do not fill out all of the items on your list, you do not get upset. Just add to the list of things to do for the next day.

Know Your Limits


If you find your to-do list, it is too long; you may have to enlarge on yourself. It can be easy to involve more activities than you can handle, especially if your friends are pushing you to do with it. Remember, it’s okay to say no. Knowing your limits and stick will follow a long way for them to maintain a manageable size your to-do list and keep your stress level to a minimum.


Bring the hard work

work along

If you have an upcoming test or assignment, you bring your job wherever you go. You can use the free time for lunch to study (ask a friend script) or start reading your science book while waiting for the bus. Instead of reaching for your phone to check Facebook and Twitter, use your time more judiciously and get your homework. A few minutes here and there, you quickly and gives you more time for other things, like sleep!

All Calendars


Making a pocket planner or using a calendar application on your phone should help you stay organized and on schedule. Make sure to include all tests, assignments, rehearsals / practices, shifts and volunteer hours in your planner. This helps in preventing conflicts in your schedule and gives you a clearer picture when you have time to study. It can help put a calendar in the kitchen for your family so they can see where you will be and when. This way, will make mom and dad not accidentally travel to grandma on the night of your great weekend game to work on a great project.

Do not postpone


We know you still hear, but we cannot stress enough on this! Do not get used to doing what you can do today. If you do, you will quickly see that your schedule is in disarray and you have time to finish it all. By extending your work over several days into easy-to-manage segments, and getting caught up in this program, you will feel more relaxed and organized.

Finding a balance between school, work and social life can be difficult, but it does get complicated in college. By this time management strategies are performing, you come to the game. Not only will these skills translate into college but also for your future career. You have the choice: the time management guru or procrastination. What will you choose?


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