Windows 10 Pro vs. Enterprise —- Which Works Best for You?

Windows 10 Pro vs. Enterprise  Which Works Best for You?Windows 10 Pro vs. Enterprise à  Which Works Best for You?

Windows 10 is latest Microsoft operating system and has achieved a market share of more than 25% after a few years since its launch. This is undoubtedly the future, so if you have not already updated it, then you will probably, and you do it fairly quickly.

Organizations have two realistic options to choose from when upgrading to Windows 10: Windows 10 from Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise. Let the band both the core.

Windows 7 Pro

This is the ideal solution for small businesses upgraded with simple migration path and enhanced security. The functions related to management and productivity are also eye-catching. Regarding the security issue, Windows 10 Pro includes several new features, such as virtualization-based security.

Here are some Windows 10 Pro features that you should consider:

  • Productivity and user experience: Windows ink, Cortana, voice, touch, pen, touch, tablet mode, Live Tiles, menu, phone Continuum Start;
  • Deployment / management: Group policy, dedicated access, shop windows, mobile management, Azure Active shared PC config, dynamic provisioning;
  • Security: Windows Hello, familiar ship, device encryption, BitLocker protection of information;
  • Fundamentals: Add Domain, Remote Desktop, in Internet Explorer Business Mode, Hyper-V Client.

Windows 10 Enterprise

It comes with available features Windows 10 Pro and more, making it the best option for medium and large businesses. You must first install Windows 10 Pro before, and it is distributed exclusively to the Microsoft Volume Licensing program.

An important feature of Windows Enterprise Direct Access that allows remote users to access internal networks. AppLocker lets you limit the application on mobile devices.

The functions available in addition to copies of Windows 10 Pro are:

  • Deployment / Management: AppLocker, direct access, managed user experience, Microsoft environment user virtualization, Microsoft Application Virtualization;
  • Security: Device and Custody Guard;
  • Fundamentals: BranchCache, Windows for Go.

In conclusion, if you are in a small business, you will be satisfied with Windows 10 Professional, but Windows 10 Enterprise has caused a higher score on advanced features, so if you are looking for more complex environment functions choose second.


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