World’s biggest dinosaur footprint found in ‘Australia’s Jurassic Park’


Tracks can be seen on the rocks of the Broome Sandstone

‘Australia’s Jurassic Park’

The World largest dinosaur footprint in the world discovered in northwestern Australia, measuring nearly 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), said lead author of a study.

The trail belonged to a sauropod, a long-necked herbivore. He is leading a record of 1.15 meters (about 3 feet 9 inches) footprint found in July last year. This footprint, found in Bolivia, was the largest ever of a carnivorous dinosaur.

“The giant footprints are undoubtedly spectacular,” Steve Salisbury, the lead author of the study and professor at the University of Queensland, told of the record fossil. “There is nothing approaching (in length).”

Richard Hunter lies along a 1.75 meter (5 foot 9 inches) sauropod tracks in the Lower Cretaceous Broome Sandstone, Walmadany area, Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia. The sauropod tracks made this would be about 5.4 meters (17 feet 9 inches) at the hips.

But the footprint is only one of a series of amazing discoveries in a Salisbury area called “Jurassic Park in Australia.”

Twenty-one of the traces of different dinosaurs have been discovered throughout the Dampier Peninsula found in the unprecedented, “the University of Queensland said in a press release, with some rocks as old as 140 Million years.

Salisbury said the circumstances on the Dampier Peninsula were ideal for the creation of these trails and their conservation, which is why the discovery was so spectacular.

His team has more than five years of work in the region.

“This is the most diverse wildlife dinosaur track ever recorded,” said Salisbury. “When we came back in time 130 million years ago, we saw all these different dinosaurs walk across the coastline. It must have been quite a site. ”

They also found the 1st confirmed proof of stegosaurs in Australia.


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