Xbox One Tips and Tricks for a Better Use


The use of pins for games and applications.

It offers easy access to your favorite games and apps, and you can directly to your pins from your home screen.

  • Screenshots & Videos

Capture your best moments in a game by pressing the Guide button, then press Y when X or a screenshot if you want a 30-second video.

  • Cortana

You can use Cortana Xbox a similar way can be used on Windows 10 computers. You can open applications and games, browse the web, take screenshots, turn off the Xbox and more.

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  • Turn your Xbox into a home entertainment center

Connect your cable / satellite box to the HDMI input on your system. You can get a USB TV tuner.

  • Share on Twitter and YouTube clips

Download the Xbox One YouTube app, log in and select Add from the main menu. To download on Twitter, you can use the game DVR application.

  • Diffusion to Twitch and beam

The game download delivery options include the free Twitch app or streamed directly to the Microsoft Beam service.

  • Monitoring your performance

By typing the guide and clicking the Performance tab button, you can check your progress. You can also enable the performance tracking system from the same menu.

  • Customize your Xbox-One

You can set a custom background by going to Settings> All> Personal> My Color and Background.

  • Will appear offline

Go to Button Guide> My Profile> Appear Offline.

  • Customize your avatar

Open your Xbox avatar in the Games & Applications menu and adjust the digital extension of your real self.

  • Storage expansion

Any external drive with a minimum of 256 GB space and a USB 3.0 port will work.

Follow these tips and let us know what you think.


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