How to Screen Record

Record screen on your Mac, Windows,iPhone or iPad

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Have you ever wanted to record something that happens on your Mac, iPhone or iPad? Maybe you’re watching a video and want to grab a clip; Maybe you’re trying to show someone how to do something, and a video would make it a lot easier; or maybe you need to burn some strange behavior if an application or a website does not work as you would expect.

Fortunately, it’s easy to record what’s going on on your Mac screen and iOS running Sierra and iOS 11 macOS, here we show you how.

Open QuickTime Player

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It’s easy to record what’s on the Mac screen; all you need is QuickTime Player, which comes with your Mac for free.

If you are not in the Dock, look for Apps in the Finder or just look for Spotlight.

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Select the New Screen Recording

How to Record Screen on Mac

Select New Screen Recording from the File menu or right-click the QuickTime Player icon and select New Screen Recording from that menu.

Choose Recording Options

Mac Recording Option

  • A screen box will appear on the screen.
  • Click the down arrow to see more options.
  • You can choose whether to use the built-in microphone or an external audio microphone.
  • You can also choose to see mouse clicks.

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Using a Voice-Over


If you want to record an entry during the recording, click the small triangle in the recording window to choose the audio source.

You could use your iPhone earphones to sign up for you, for example. Select Built-in Microphone: External Microphone.

This way, you will not be able to record audio from videos that are played on the screen. We cover the video capture from YouTube and other sources in a separate article.

Part or Whole Screen

Mac Recording

You can choose to record part of the screen or the entire screen.

If you only want to record a part of the screen, click the red registration button. You’ll see a message telling you to drag to record a part of the screen, then drag a mark to the area you want to capture. Once the area has been selected, click the registration button again.

Alternatively, you can record the entire screen. Just click on the red recording button and then click on the screen where you start recording.

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Stop recording

Mac Recording Stop

When recording is complete, right-click the QuickTime icon in the Dock and select Stop Recording from the menu.

Save your video

Save your video on Mac

Once you’ve got everything you need, save the QuickTime movie. You can use this material in iMovie and Final Cut Pro and share it directly on YouTube.

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How to Record on iPhone and iPad: QuickTime

Record iphon or ipod

In addition to recording your Mac screen, you can record your iPhone or iPad screen with QuickTime.

How? Instead of selecting New Screen Recording in Step 2, select New Video Recording. Then, connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and make sure it is a reliable device (it touches the device trust when prompted).

In QuickTime, click the small arrow on the right of the recording button and select the iOS device. It will then be displayed, ready to start recording.

How to Record on iPhone and iPad: iOS 11

Record ios 11

Along with the QuickTime player, iOS 11 features integrated Screen Recording capabilities, which means that for the first time iOS users can quickly and easily record their screen without the need for third-party software. It makes the sharing instructions and cool game a breeze.

To enable Screen Recording in iOS 11, you must add the function to the Control Center (customizable). If you have not already done so, go to Settings> Control Center> Customize controls and add ‘Screen Recording‘ to the list.

Once added, scroll up at the bottom of the screen to access Control Center and tap the recording icon to start recording the screen. After a countdown of three seconds, everything will be recorded on the screen.

To stop recording, simply log in to the Control Center and tap the same icon to start recording. The video will be exported to Photos, ready for sharing.

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Alternative QuickTime: ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow 4, Telestream

Available in the App Store, £ 69.99

Create video-based tutorials by recording activity on the screen (along with the narration) that you can share online with friends and fans. This tool allows you to record the screen and change the result.

Screen Flow also authorize you to capture videos from your iSight camera although recording screen activity, a quick engagement that authorize you to connect visually to the audience rather than just live as an uncomfortable item.

Alternative QuickTime: CamtasiaVolia Recording

Camtasia, TechSmith

Available in the App Store, £ 69.9

Camtasia for Mac is a complete capture and editing solution that not only captures on-screen action but also (optionally) captures video from a built-in FaceTime (iSight) camera at the same time. one time captured, you can change your production openly in Camtasia, taking your project theoretically from start to finish using a single application. Unfortunately, on the front of the feature, Mac users do not receive all the bells and whistles of the Windows version.

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Alternatives to QuickTime: Voila

Voila, Global Delight

Volia Recording

Available in the App Store, £ 20.99

Voila captures full screenshots or videos. Video recording captures the whole screen or rectangular area selected. disparate other programs, Voila can record stereo audio and offer you a choice of frame rate. You can do a simple video cutout in the editor, but it’s like a full editor like ScreenFlow or Camtasia.