How to protect your e-mail via Google Authenticator with Formidable layer

Protect your E-mail via Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a free security application that helps protect your account against theft of passwords. It’s easy to install and can be used in a process called 2-factor Authentication (2FA) that is offered in popular services such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

The app (iOS / Android) generates a random code used to verify identity when accessing multiple services. The code can be sent technically to the phone via a text message at a time, but the Google Authenticator app provides an additional security level.

The SMS based 2FA has a known security flaw and any devoted hacker can attempt to Socially engineer an attack against his Mobile company. The Google Authenticator app eliminates the possibility of an SMS-based attack using algorithms to generate codes on your phone.

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Here’s how to set it up:

  • Download the Google Authenticator from Google Play Store or Apple App store. It is free.
  • Next, set up, two-step verification in your Google Account. Sign in to your Google account. Under “Security and Access,” select “Two-Step Verification” and scroll down to select the “Authenticator Application” option.

google authenticator app

  • Select your phone, Android or iPhone.

google authenticator code

  • Open the real Google Authenticator application on your phone and tap the +button:

google authenticator

  • There are two options in the bottom of the screen: “Scan Barcode” and “Manual entry”.

google authenticator code

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Just choose one of these options to complete the process. The Option of “Scan Barcode” takes a bit longer to complete, requiring downloading a QR scanner from the application store, and then pointing the phone to the QR code on the computer screen to verify the Authenticator connection with your account .

google authenticator barcode
Image : Go Helper

Conversely, “Manual Entry” means only that Google will send you a 16-digit code to an e-mail address. Enter the code to specific location and complete the verification process:

google authenticator key

Make sure the “Time-Based” option is enabled so that the code you are entering is aligned with the most recent Authenticator access code generation.

Now, whenever you sign in to the account you connected to Google Authenticator, your account will ask you to enter a six-digit verification code. Simply open the Google Authenticator app and the application will generate the new random access code.

google authenticator

(Remember, if you stay in touch, you do not have to go through the 2-FA process during each login.

Congratulation! Your account is not only securing with two-factor authentication, but with additional six-digit authenticator code protection from Google.

How To Remove Trojan Virus: Trojan.Vtflooder.Hg

I wrote this article to help you remove Trojan.Vtflooder.HG. This Trojan.Vtflooder.HG removal guide works for all versions of Windows.

Trojan.Vtflooder.HG belongs to one of the most dangerous types of infections. It’s a Trojan horse. This sentence should only cause immediate action against the threat. Trojans are so feared for a reason and Trojan.Vtflooder.HG is no different. You play in your system in complete silence and it may take some time before you realize it exists. However, the fact that you are reading this article demonstrates that you are aware of what you are dealing with and that is good. You know what you’re up against and you’re reading the right article. Rule number one, do not waste time.

The longer Trojan.Vtflooder.HG stays on board, the more problems it will cause. Some of these issues will undoubtedly be irreversible. Do not let go so far. As soon as she is aware of her presence, she begins to look for her hiding place and remove it to find out. Keep in mind that it hosts a very sophisticated trojan virus. We offer a removal guide so you can follow, but if you’re not sure of your computer skills, we recommend using a reliable anti-malware program to do this. In both cases, it acts fast. The sooner you erase the infection, the better it is.

The worst thing about Trojan is that it affects every victim differently, depending on which thieves need. For example, Trojan.Vtflooder.HG can alert the system registry by adding and / or deleting entries. You can also completely modify or corrupt some important files that may cause the programs to malfunction. In addition, Trojan are mainly used as spy devices. Trojan.Vtflooder.HG has full access to your private information. And guess what, all that is collected is sent to the hackers behind him.

Trojan.Vtflooder.HG is in constant connection with the command and control server. This is basically a connection between your PC and thieves. They have total control over their car. They can also activate the webcam and the spy in real time or see what’s on the screen and what you’re typing. In addition, a Trojan can be used to turn the device into a part of a botnet so it is not only infected but also infected by other users. This is illegal, which means that you may have problems with the authorities. Last but not least, trojans serve as backdoor to other infections. Mostly, at ransomware. Do not let hackers infect your machine with malware until it stops completely. Remove Trojan.Vtflooder.HG now. This is the best action you can take.

How did Trojan.Vtflooder.HG enter? Well, trojans are mainly based on unwanted e-mails to deploy. Open emails from strangers? Stop doing it. Hackers now mask their messages to appear legitimate to deceive them. Do not fall into that trap. Be careful and do not download attachments. Even though the messages seem legitimate, check the sender first. Thieves tend to use logos, names and seals of famous companies to deceive you.

Be smarter Compare the email address of the sender with the official email address of the company that you can find on your official website. If they match, this is good. But if they do not, delete the message as soon as possible. Do not be gullible for Cybercriminals to pray for their rush, distraction and inattention. Without them, they can not be successful. Then do not deny them.

Trojan.Vtflooder.HG Uninstall

Step 1.

Run Task Manager by right-clicking on the Taskbar and selecting Start Task Manager.

trojan remover free

Look closely at file names and running descriptions of the processes. If you find any suspects, find your name on Google or contact them directly to identify them. If you find a malware process, right-click on it and choose End Task.

Step 2.

Open the Control Panel by holding down the Win and R keys together. Type appwiz.cpl in the field, then click OK.

trojan remover free

Here, find any program that you do not intend to install and uninstall.

Step 3.

Open MS Config by holding down the Win and R keys together. Type msconfig and press Enter.

trojan remover free

Go to the Home tab and disable the items that have “Unknown” as a Manufacturer.

Still can not trojan remover Trojan.Vtflooder.HG from your computer? Leave a comment below, describing what steps you have taken. I will respond promptly.

How to Change Voicemail Password

Forget your secretary’s password is actually quite common.

Personal Options Menu  (Press “00” to use the Touchtone system or “*” to continue using speech)

  • 1 Turn On/Off Telephone Greeting
  • 2 Record greetings (Personal or Away)
  • 3 Change your PIN
  • 4 Change to the Voice User Interface
  • 5 Change to the local time zone
  • 6 Use the 12 or 24-hour time format
  • * Return to Main Menu
  • 0 Repeat menu

Please see below Image

Touchtone user Interface

how to change voicemail password

Voice User Interface

how to change voicemail password



How to Change Router Name

How to change Router settings

How to Change Router Name

Change the username and password of your the router

Routers include a generic username and password to access the device’s network configuration management tool. Anyone in the scope of the router who has some knowledge of the login credentials using the router manufacturer can use these credentials to access the router and modify its settings, and may even block it from your own network. To avoid this, we recommend that you change the default access credentials to something that is more difficult to decipher for a strange session. This is how.

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Locate access information. In general, this can be found in the user manual for the router manual or at the back or bottom of the router. You will need three information: the IP address, username and password of the router.

Log in to your account by opening the browser window and entering the IP address (for example, A login screen is displayed that requires the user name and password.

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How to Change Router Name

Change the username and password in the Administration or Security tab. The location of this card varies. It is usually located on the Administrator or Security tab of the router‘s main configuration page. Once found, enter the default username and password and the new username and password you want to change the settings. Click Apply and your new username and password will take effect immediately.

Successful Marketing Campaigns : Tips, Examples, Ideas

Successful Marketing Campaigns

All about money. When it comes to getting a new product, raising funds for a cause, exploring growth opportunities for your small business and building your brand, crowdfunding offers a non-traditional way to reach unconventional investors.

Crowdfunding reaches a broader and diversified set of interests than many standard collection methods of capital. Invite investments at any level, small and large. And, it helps you do something new and important to you and your investors. Simple and simple, it only makes sense to explore the crowdfunding marketing side.

I recently talked to Mark Thimmig, chairman and CEO of Ignite Agency, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and equity crowdfunding, to learn more about the crowd selling Marketing Campaigns marketing art.

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Six Essential Marketing

Here are key elements selected by our conversation to take into account before starting a crowdfunding Marketing Campaigns.

Straddle the fence. Crowdfunding is about to capture the personal ethos of theSuccessful Marketing Campaigns Marketing Campaigns a connection between the message and the emotion. As professional as sounds and sounds, your marketing should be separated from your business print with something casual, funny or sentimental. If your message is somewhat too appropriate and perfect, the audience will wonder why it requires crowdfunding.

Useful. The subject of the Marketing Campaigns must be special or unique. Must incorporate an element of innovation, need or shortage in any market. Scarcity drives the demand for any product, so it should offer an exchange for participation. It could be a t-shirt to help fund a charity walk or stock equity in an emerging company or even an early model of the product (if it’s a physical gadget). But the creation of marketing reciprocity must have a quality that requires more than a compelling language.

Develop momentum. Each Marketing Campaigns needs an end date. At some point, Successful Marketing Campaignsthe funding has to be stopped. Then, several sequences are executed sequentially:You need a calendar to plan your strategy for action and implementation.During the pre-launch period, the Marketing Campaigns owner’s job is to generate the greatest possible interest. Usually, through the collection of email and marketing.

Finally, a specific marketing event launches the funding period.

Your strategic thinking needs to visualize this distribution. Marketing Campaigns examples, you can paste your calendars around the date of the specific marketing event. This date can not be in conflict with competitive events such as religious holidays, seasonal distractions, stock market activities, and more. It is in your advantage to make your release independent.

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Write a story. All participants should follow the same script. Everyone should know theSuccessful Marketing Campaigns story of how things started, where you want to go and how you want to get there. Your story needs an explanation of why you are looking for crowdfunding as opposed to other investment strategies and a description of how the funds will make a difference.It is also important to respect the writing needs. That is, your team must brainstorm the language repeatedly until it can reduce the message to a quotable quote. So, all parties should be able to speak and write briefly no more than four or five conversation points.

Make it multidimensional. Copying content is important. Must convince and persuade. You have to testify with credibility and credibility. Make sure to support your launch with facts, figures and details about costs, forecasts, and expectations. You will also want to make this a multimedia event, something that becomes viral on many platforms.This requires vivid views, such as photos of people interacting with the product, compromising the fundamentals, end user testimonials, and so on. Last but not least, well-behaved and fun prototype videos in action, users involved, or analyst comments will help make your Marketing Campaigns virtuous.

Improve your image. He must have some proof of a positive past, some evidence that is happening. That said, your initial strategy should include the development or improvement of existing marketing media. You can revitalize your website to complete and support the language and images of your planned Marketing Campaigns. Brochures, logos, business cards, and other warranty materials should reflect the evolutionary tone and maintain a consistent brand look.It is also the right time to think about social networks and what social networks have the greatest sense for you strategically. Demographic research will tell you what agglomerate audience Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. More serious research can be of interest to networks designed for financial consultants, real estate investors and other specific markets. Bloggers and influencers are also very important to promote your offer. Finally, you can see the accelerator worlds available through AngelList, Gust, IndieGogo, Kickstarter and more.

Do work and delivery.

As Tanya Prive wrote: “There is a huge false impression that creating a successful crowd down Marketing Campaigns is as simple as hitting the submit and waiting for it to become viral.” With strategy and engagement, you can reach people from all over the world without going through banks and professional investors. Distribute risk among many taxpayers by creating loyalists and customers among themselves. Ultimately, this will free you from the heavy burden of your business investment.

While the opportunity is expansive and promising, you need to work that begins by exploring the qualitative marketing challenges of crowdfunding. Eventually, perhaps one of the most important aspects of crowdfunding is to deliver on your product and promise it.

How to Watch TV on Mac

It would have been that we all knew that our MacBooks were impenetrable. No virus would pass through its robust defenses. We did not have to worry about malware or spyware. This was the domain of Windows users.

Today it is in question at its best.

Remember Thunderstrike security vulnerability in 2015? Then there is Mac.BackDoor.iWorm back in 2014. We can not ignore the ransomware: BitRefender’s KeRanger code is quite recent.

Earlier this year, McAfee Labs launched its “Threat Report” and guess what? There has been a dramatic increase in new malware that affects Mac OS.

How to Watch TV on Mac

Now, in addition to malicious software, there is also the subject of online activity being monitored and whether it is doing something illegal or not, invasion of privacy is a serious issue.

Do you think that Mac OS users are unacceptable?

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I thought so.

Having determined that you can not connect the online feeling like a Superman Bulletproof, waterproof to security issues, we talk about cable cutting. Watch TV online. Transmission.

The first thing that comes to my mind is Netflix, I’m sure 99%. However, you can not find everything on Netflix and you do not want to pay for 10 different transmission services that might hinder the purpose of cable cutting. So what do we do?

So what do we do? Watch TV online for free.

This is where things get tough. Netflix and other paid services are virtually 100% secure, but when watching TV on Mac for free, your security is not only guaranteed but is also likely to be compromised.

However, there are many ways to safely watch online TV online. Let’s see.

How to Watch TV on Mac For Free

Skip the free TV project

Free TV project is an option if you do not want to buy it. Add content from across the web and rank it in an easy-to-search database. However, while the site itself is light on doubtful ads, the links it offers are not. Not only is not sure, it is frankly frustrating. To see an episode you need to click on a million hidden ads before you find out if you’ve chosen a quality source.

How to Watch TV on Mac

Try popcorn time

Popcorn Time is trendy because, dissimilar Project Free TV, it is transmitted by torrents. Instead of downloading the torrent first, store what you need and do the rest while viewing. It has a pretty ingenious media player and an easy-to-use setup.

Is Popcorn Time Safe? There is always the possibility of malware, but it is not so high. The most urgent problem is the legality of the material. Copyright protected material is often on the table and distributed without permission. Popcorn Time Disclaimer:

It depends where you really are. Again: we are using streams, so if you’re interested in a lot, google better, what is the legal status around this protocol in which you live.

Also, they advise you to use a VPN to protect your identity and activity.

Here are the free, secure and legal alternatives.

Popcorn Time can be free streaming of Netflix, but at best it is ignoble. Check the following options:

Some disadvantages:

  •  Television programs available on these sites may not be the most popular. There are still trendy shows, & you will find some hidden gems.
  • Most major networks offer a free view of some of their popular programs for a limited time. If you can live without too much attention, then you’re golden.

Note: To view some channels based on your location, you will need a VPN.

Finally on how to watch TV in Mac for free: you can opt for the first option (Popcorn Time), but be mindful of the consequences, both legally and potentially, with safety issues. Be patient and go legal and be safer.

How to change Computer Name

How to change Computer Name

If your PC came Pre installed with Windows 7, your PC likely has a weird computer name. As you likely know, one can view computer name by right-clicking on This PC (Computer icon) on desktop  and then clicking Properties.

It is important to establish a unique name for your computer, especially if your computer is part of a network or if you often need to connect your PC to a network. If there are more computers with the same name on a network, there may be problems with connecting the PC to the network.

How to change Computer Password

how to change computer name

Renaming or changing computer name in Windows 7 is fairly easy as you can use both Settings app and old Control Panel to change your Windows 7 computer name. In this guide, we will see how to rename your Windows 7 computer.

Following are the two ways to easily change computer name in Windows 7.

How to Clear Cache : Browser

Change Windows 7 computer name via Control Penal

Step 1: At the homepage of Start Menu, click Control Penal.

how to change computer name

Step 2: Click Click User Account and family safety to see various information about your PC and Windows 7 of your PC.

how to change computer name

Step 3: Click the User Account Tab to launch Change Your Computer Name your PC dialog.

how to change computer name

Step 4: Type a new name for your Windows 7 PC and then click Change Name button.

how to change computer name

Step 5: Now your Computer Name was Changed.

how to change computer name

How to change Computer Password

How to change Computer Password

Part of the reason tablet has become so popular is the fact that I’m always waiting for Windows to load and you do not need to enter your Password each time they wanted to use them. Get them alone, and it’s not the desk.

Well, the tablets are great, but depending on the situation, you just need a PC or laptop. And he still wants to load it fast. This should not be too much to ask for.

You can increase your Windows loading speed first by removing unnecessary startup programs. A second step – and one to take only if you are sure your computer does not fall into the wrong hands – is to remove the extra passage of having to enter a Windows Password.

Deleting a Windows Password is a simple case of un-checking a box from the user account settings. Here’s how to access this option in Windows 10, though the process is similar in other versions.

Delete Windows Password Access on User Accounts

  • Type netplwiz in the Start menu search bar, and then click the top result to execute the command
  • Uncheck the box next to “Users must enter a user name and Password to use this computer” and click “Apply”
  • Enter your username and Password, then re-enter the Password. Click OK ‘
  • Click ‘OK’ again to save the changes

how to change computer password

To reactivate Windows Password login just return to this settings menu and tick the box next to ‘Users must enter a user name and Password to use this computer’.

How to Change Name on YouTube

How to Change Name on YouTube

Do you have a YouTube channel? Does your original YouTube name prevent you from receiving new subscribers? Changing your YouTube name is all you need to get more followers, ahead. Here’s a simple solution.

It does not require much for people to make change. All you need is to follow some simple steps that will not take you more than five minutes to finish. Here we go.

If you check  Video Tutorial Click this Link YouTube Name Change

How to Change Name on YouTube

Step-1. Sign in to your account by logging in first. To do this, find the logon button. It’s in the top right corner of YouTube‘s home page. Enter the relevant information.

How to Change Name on YouTube

Step-2. The next step is to go to the page that contains the channel overview. Click on the thumbnail and the “Settings” button that will appear later.

How to Change Name on YouTube

Step-3. On the Account Overview page, sign in to Google+ by clicking “Edit in Google”. Clicking this link will move you to your Google+ profile page. Now you’re ready to implement a name change.

How to Change Name on YouTube

Step-4. In the provided boxes, enter the desired changes to your name. You can use your name and surname for this or anything else you have in mind. To offer you options you can also choose to combine your nickname with your real name or just add your nickname to the box provided.

Step-5. You must configure the edit by selecting the options displayed by the drop-down arrows next to the “Show name” label. When the options are over, finish the process by pressing the OK button.

How to Change Name on YouTube

Remember that the change implemented in your YouTube account will also affect your other Google Accounts. You might want to have a quick check on that to make sure everything is the way you want it to be.

A couple of things to keep in mind before making the change:

  • One, Google does not allow users to change their name several times in a single session. You pay to have a pencil and ready paper and have a list of catchy names already prepared in advance.
  • Two, you can not rename an existing URL. Some suggest that you use the custom URL option for this, but that requires some strict compliance. Another option to try is to clear your current channel and create a new one. This way, you can use the desired URL name on a channel you just created.