How to make safe for your children from YouTube Kids video

How to make safe for your children from YouTube Kids video

Youtube Kids
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YouTube Kids video has reached the terrible two years. Launched in 2015, the free app tries to eliminate YouTube’s unseemly that only offer cartoons, educational programs, and other non-child friendly content. Of course, the Internet is the Internet, people are making bogus videos disturbing content: Peppa Pig Drinking, Spider-Man urinating on Elsa of “Frozen” characters “PAW Patrol” enjoying a strip club, that are slipping through Google’s filters.

Is it no longer safe to park your baby in front of YouTube Kids video during dinner preparation? To question the problem, Google said that less than 0.005 percent of videos have been removed by YouTube Kids video in the last 30 days.

No automated system, including Google algorithms, is perfect, but YouTube Kids offers some parental controls that can help reduce the risk of your child stumbling with questionable content.

Beyond parental controls, a misplaced feature that could eliminate the risk are playlists. It would be useful to set up a playlist of the videos you have watched. If your kids are like mine, they enjoy a repeat view of their favorite shows and I would not like it to be limited to a pre-classified video playlist.

In addition to this, here are some steps you can take to make YouTube Kids video a little less mine field.

Turn Off Search

YouTube Kids allows a child to look for typing or speaking, but the ability to search for videos can make more people available. Turn off the search feature and your child will only see videos that Google shows, which presumably come from trusted sources. According to the New York Times, “Most of the videos have been flagged by parents uploaded to YouTube over the last months by anonymously users with names as like Kids TV channel and ” Super Moon TV “.

To turn off the search, tap the lock icon in the lower right corner, enter a passcode, tap Settings, tap your child’s profile, and then clear the search settings. You can configure separate profiles for each of your children, enabling you to enable searching for one but not the other.

youtube kids video
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Set Your Custom Access Code

To access the configuration, you must enter a four-digit access code by simply entering the numbers that are detailed on the Parents Only screen. If your child can read, you can set up a custom access code that prevents them from accessing the settings and reactivating the search. This is only Parent screen, you’ll find a button to configure my own pass code.

youtube kids video
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Report And Block Unpleasant Video

If your child comes screaming in the kitchen after finding a disturbing video, you can block it so it does not rewind later. You can also report it. YouTube Kids has a team that looks at the videos that are marked during the day. I suggest blocking and reporting videos that are considered offensive.

To lock a video, tap the three-dot button and then tap the block. You can only block the video you are watching at the moment or if you think the editor is suspicious, you can block the entire channel.

youtube kids video
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To mark a video, tap the three dot button of the video you are playing, then tap Report. You may indicate that you have inappropriate audio, inappropriate images or others.

youtube kids video
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Switch to nick jr. Noggin or another application

YouTube is not the only source of video content on the Internet. If the current situation with YouTube Kids has frightened you, switch to another child video application such as Nick Jr. Noggin or PBS Kids. You can also use Netflix: you can set up a profile for “children under 12 years” that is different from that. Because she certainly does not want her children to see “Mindhunter” more than they want to see the bleach Peppa Pig.


How to make possible Windows 10 Hidden Retail Demo

windows 10 activator

If you click a word in the Windows 10 settings application five times, activate a hidden retail demo mode. Almost certainly you do not want to do it yourself, but know how to escape the Retail Demo experience is essential if you’ve ever seen the name “Darrin DeYoung” on your login screen.

Warning: Enabling this mode will erase all personal files on your PC and reset factory default settings. Do not do it on your home PC! (You probably should not even do this on any PC.

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How to Enable Retail Demo Experience

To enable the retail demo experience for Windows 10, go to Settings> Update & Security> Activate. Click the “Windows” heading at the top of the page 05 times.

windows 10 activator

You will see a “Change to retail demo” window appears. Still, if you continue with this, all your personal files will be deleted from your PC and will be resotred to its factory defaults settings. If you want to continue, click “Change”. During this process you will need to be connected to the Internet.

windows 10 activator

A screen that requires retail access code, retailer SKU code, and Retail Store ID will be displayed. You do not have to provide any of these. All are optional, so you can click “Next” and continue with the wizard.

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windows 10 activator

When setting retail demo experience or “RDX” mode, you will be asked when you want to remove access to your administrator account. If you set Retail Demo experience on a PC with a display in a retail store, this will give you time to configure your PC as you want before making sure no customer can access the administrator account. You can select a number of days or provide an administrator password that you can use as long as you want.

When done, click “Finish”. The PC will restart and all personal data and installed programs will be deleted.

windows 10 activator

The process of activating the retail demo experience is handled through the retail demo service. In fact, if you delete the “RetailDemo” service and try to switch to Retail Demo mode, you can access the server, but nothing will happen at the end. If the service is on your system, your PC will restart and enable the Retail Demo mode.

What is the Retail Demo Experience?

When the PC restarts in Retail Demo Mode, it will automatically start on the Windows desktop. You will see that the user account name is “Darrin DeYoung”.

If you ever buy a PC and see this person’s name when you boot it up, that PC is a display model and still stays in Retail Demo Mode. The store should have removed it from the retail demo mode before giving it to you, but you can do it by yourself using the instructions below. On the other hand, if you expect a new PC and not one that is used as a display model, you may want to return it to the store and get a replacement or your money back.

windows 10 activator

A Microsoft Provisioning Demo Retail application will be displayed that will automatically configure everything.

windows 10 activator

When in Retail Demo Mode, Windows will automatically launch the “Microsoft Demo Attract” application, which plays a video demo in a loop. If you leave, you can use the Microsoft Retail Demo Center to read the features of Windows 10. You can also click on the desktop and play with Windows 10. This is just a special mode designed to advertise Windows 10 in stores after all.

windows 10 activator

How To Quit Retail Demo Mode

To quit the Retail Demo Experience, you just have to do the same secret handshake that will enable you first. In the PC in the Retail Demo Experience mode, go to Settings> Update & Security> Activate and click the “Windows” heading 05 times.

windows 10 activator

Click the “Advanced Settings” button at the bottom of the “Get the latest Content and demo Applications” Window that appears.

windows 10 activator

Click the “Remove” button to the right of Remove “RDX” in the “RDX” advanced configuration screen.

Warning: This wipe your PC again, deletes any personal files, removes any installed programs, and resets factory defaults.

You may be prompted to enter your administrator password if it was created while setting up the retail demo experience. We know that “trs10” works on many Windows 10 PCs, while “trs80” works on many Windows 8 PCs. In fact, this works on PCs in both the Best Buy and Microsoft Store and maybe even elsewhere.

windows 10 activator

After telling Windows to remove the retail demo experience from the computer, it will restart and reset the PC to its default factory settings. You will see the usual PC configuration process, also known as “Out of Box Experience”, which allows you to configure your PC for normal use.

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How To Write An Essay For Better Readability

how to write an essay
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How To Write An Essay For Better Readability

Personally, I can continue to postpone the task of writing an Essay for days and days and not just for a few hours. When the writing and excitement of a particular topic is such a terrible task, well, who wants to deal with it? But a well-conceptualized writing can get an admission or scholarship at a prestigious institute or increase its vows. Even for the competition, students find it overwhelming, overwhelming and stressful.

And if your Essay involves the wrong task of writing dialogues, it adds more dedication, hard work, and much imagination.

Many times the student searches for content in another location but still does not want to copy and paste, just to give a personal touch. In such scenarios, it is always wise to customize the test according to their needs, not just to obtain the right quality content but at the same time will provide a personal touch.

Students and professionals can get help from writing service companies. These companies can help by providing tips on How to write an Essay for better readability and providing related content to your topic that you can customize according to the guidelines provided. So it’s a WIN-WIN for both.

A good wording is to connect to the subject and to the reader, which comes from a better readability and understanding of the subject’s content.

Some tips you should remember when customizing the Essay are:

Connect With The Reader

Interesting content and “to the point” will always arouse curiosity in the reader. Each Essay is written by keeping a “set of readers / students”. Just go by yourself.

You know the Demoraphy

Knowing the age, gender, and specific needs of the reader, you can have style and language that will help you connect with the reader.

Personal touch

Nothing can tie you to your reader better than adding a personal touch. This reflects that the writing is not done for good or for any commercial benefit, but to really drive and help the reader on a personal level, but not the staff, further cementing the connection attract the attention of the reader to add a personal touch wonderful as the content becomes more relatable.

Simple Yet Powerful Language

Using simple words, especially in related academic Essays, is definitely a YES. Well, you do not want your readers to open a dictionary together with your article to understand the content you’ve written to connect. Choosing simple words but to the point helps them stay flowing with their thoughts.

  • Short words, shorter letters, and shorter sentences … that’s all.
  • Read all instructions carefully and customizing it. If the Essay has a great content, but is not well formatted or organized, it is not attractive to create the curiosity of the reader.
  • Fluency: The reader must be able to connect to each of the parts of his assay individually, giving the points the flow

Taking all these points into mind, you can make the text more readable and therefore more acceptable.

How To Controlled Folder Access In Windows 10

How to Use Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10

Ransomware is today very widespread and you need to pay particular attention to protecting your Windows computer as well as installing antivirus software. While you can always use anti-ransomware software, Windows 10 makes it easier to access the Controlled Access to Folders feature in Windows Defender Security Center. Let’s see how to enable and use controlled access to folders in Windows 10.

 How to get Windows 10 Creation tool Update

Folder Access Controlled in Windows 10

This security feature comes with the Windows 10 Backup Upgrade (v1709) and you will find it included in the Windows Defender Security Center. If you enable controlled folder access to any folder, the system will continue to monitor all changes in real time and will notify you of unauthorized access. Additionally, if an unauthorized process tries to access that secure folder, it will be immediately blocked and notified immediately.

What are the default protected folders?

windows 10 folder permissions

If you enable controlled folder access, all the folders in the Library, such as Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Favorites, and Desktop, will automatically be protected. These are the default folders. However, the greatest part is that you can attach any other folder to the list. One important thing is that you can not change the location of the folder or move that folder from one point to another after adding that to your list. If you do, this security feature will no longer protect the folder.

So how do I enable and use controlled access to folders in Windows 10? Open the Windows Defender Security Center. To do this, right-click the Windows Defender icon and select Open. Select Virus and Threat Protection and scroll down to find controlled access to the folder. By default, it is disabled. You must activate the button to activate it.

Then there are two more options: Protected Folders and Allow an app through Controlled folder access. Click “Protected Folders” to manage protected folders at this time. You may not be able to delete all the folders in the list, but you can certainly add other folders by clicking the Add a Protected Folder button.

windows 10 folder permissions

Allow an application to access the Controlled folder

According to the Microsoft, most applications have permission to use controlled access to the folder. However, Microsoft determines whether an application must use its own protected folder or not.

If an application is locked, but you want to allow the use of protected folders, you can select the “Allow an application through controlled access to the folder” option, and then click Add a Allowed App.

windows 10 folder permissions

You can select the application that you want to allow access to.

Alcohol helps to people speak : Foreign Languages

foreign languages

Foreign Languages

Learning foreign languages You may be right to be happy after a Journal Study of Psychopharmacology has been published.

British and Dutch researchers wanted to see if there was any effect on the way people could speak a second language after drinking alcohol.

Think and Learn: Smart Cycle from Fisher

Inhibition of alcohol decreases, making it easier to overcome common nervousness or hesitation in language learners. However, it compromises cognitive functions and memory, which could lead to other problems when speaking of a second language.

To test their theory, the researchers worked with 50 German native speakers learning to speak Dutch, who recently passed a test that demonstrates language competence and foreign languages list.

 Bad Baby Learn colors with balls Wheels on the Bus School Songs Nursery Rhymes for Children

Participants were invited to drink a small amount of water or alcohol and then had a casual two-minute conversation with a Dutch interviewer.

After the conversation, two Dutch native speakers evaluated their performance, school of foreign languages.

The group speakers who had consumed alcohol had a better pronunciation and fluency than those who drank water.

The amount of ingested alcohol varied in quantity per person, but for a 70 kg man it was just a pint of beer, or about 1.6 standard drinks.

How to get Windows 10 Creation tool Update

Windows 10 Creation Tool

As with updating the creator, the key to our gradual approach is to actively listen to all available feedback mechanisms and to make appropriate product updates during deployment. This allows us to offer a high quality experience for a wider range of users at a rapid pace, constantly increasing Windows 10‘s quality and security. This was our goal with the creator update released in April and User comments on this approach were very positive

For the best experience, we recommend that you wait for Windows 10 creation tool to be automatically offered to your device. You don’t have to do everything to get the update; will start automatically through Windows Update if you choose to have updates installed automatically on your device. Once the download is complete and the update is ready for installation, we will consult you so that you can choose the right time to finish the installation and restart. Let’s do this to make sure the update does not bother, and we use active hours to help suggest a good time.

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If you do not want to wait for the upgrade update, you can manually check the updates on your PC by following the steps below. This only works if the device is eligible to get the Autumn maker update as part of the initial startup phase. Alternatively, you can get the update manually today through the software download site. This option is only recommended for advanced users on devices running a licensed version of Windows 10. If you are using a Windows 10 PC at work, consult your IT administrator for details about organizational-specific upgrade plans.

Ways to Get Windows Update 10 Flaw Creators

Step 1. To manually know if your device is part of the first phase deployment, look for updates on the Windows Update settings page.

windows 10 creation tool

On the Search tab, type “Settings“. On the Settings page, go to Update & Security> Windows Update

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On the Windows Update page, click Check for Updates. You will also be verified if your device is up to date with the latest monthly security updates.

windows 10 creation tool

If the device is part of the first deployment phase, the feature upgrade can immediately start downloading to your PC. You can still use the PC as it is normally used while the update is downloaded in the background.

windows 10 creation tool

Once the download is complete, you will be asked to choose the best time to complete the installation so you do not interrupt what you are doing.

If the update does not start after you click “Check for Updates” on the Windows Update page, you receive a message indicating that your device is upgraded. This means that the device has all the available updates for device eligibility at this time. At this point, we suggest that you wait until the author drops automatically on the device.

Step 2. Manual upgrade for advanced users

As an advanced user, you have two manual installation options. The recommended method is to use the Upgrade Wizard. To do so, click the Update Now button on the software download site. You will need a licensed version of Windows 10 to use this method to get the functionality upgraded. Alternatively, you can download and manage the media creation tool on the same site, which will help you perform a clean installation or reinstall Windows 10.

windows 10 creation tool

We hope you enjoy the upgrade of Windows 10 Bankruptcy Makers and the many new features it offers. Click here for more information on all the new features of the Windows 10 Fall update. If you have any feedback on your experience, use the Feedback Hub application to share it with us. We share more about how to start up the Autumn maker soon!

How to activate Microsoft Windows 10