How To Choose Most Profitable SEO Keywords

How To Choose Most Profitable SEO Keywords

One of the best ways to develop a business is through SEO optimization (SEO keywords), the process of making changes to increase the likelihood that a website will rank for relevant searches within Google and other Search engines.

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Keywords are a key component of the strategy; Optimizing your site for specifics gives you the ability to check rank searches (and, therefore, who your target audience is). As a result, adjusting your keyword distribution gives you the ability to change your campaign over time.

To succeed, you must start by selecting the right keywords. Over time, you’ll gather data that will help you determine which are your most effective keywords and what you need for more work, but how do you choose the right set of keywords?

Establish And Understand Your Overall Goals

Before deciding which keywords are right for your brand, take some time to think about what your SEO keyowrds goals are. Most companies use SEO keyowrds to increase website traffic, which in turn increases revenue, but will have to be more specific than that.

For Example:

  • How fast do you want to see the results? SEO keywords is a long-term strategy, so sometimes months pass before you start seeing the results. If you want faster results than that, you have to choose less competitive and high volume keywords.
  • How important is your audience? Are you focused on a single audience or are you flexible with the types of people you visit?
  • What kind of traffic are you looking for? Do you want people to buy your products or are you focusing on your brand?

Choose A Blend Of Head And Long-Tail Keywords

Once you know your goals, you can at least decide on a balance between “header” keywords and “long tail” keywords. The key keywords are short phrases, usually one or three words, coupled with increased traffic but also increased competition.

Long-Tail keywords are longer, usually conversational phrases that have lower traffic but lower competition. Head Keywords are better for long-term traffic strategies, while long tail keywords are better for short-term strategy strategies. You will need both, in combination, to get the best overall results.

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Conduct Your Preliminary Research

Once you have these goals and that the initial vision is in your mind, you can work on your preliminary research:

Develop root ideas. Start by sketching some ideas about what people might look for related to your business. It does not need to be exhaustive here, but it tries to find at least some major queue and keyword queries and keywords that you can use to find it.

Use theme and keyword generators. So, use an online keyword tool to help you generate more keyword ideas and arguments, based on some of your preliminary ideas. I like to use the Moz Keyword Explorer keyword Tool for this, as it helps you find ideas and gives you statistics on the same keywords (which will serve you later).

Create a master list. Export exactly all of your keywords to a main spreadsheet so that you can quickly compare them and sort them into different fields.

Narrow Down The List

Once you’ve created a “master list”, you can start by deleting the weaker candidates. Take a look at the following variables with particular attention:

  • Volume “Search Volume” refers to how many times a particular phrase is searched for. This is a useful way to measure the traffic you will receive from a specific query, even if you know that the volume tends to fluctuate over time.
  • Competition. Next, look at the level of competition for each keyword. It is no coincidence that the highest volume keywords tend to have most of the competition and, of course, the higher the competition, the more difficult it is to rank for that keyword. You should find a balance between the two.
  • Relevance. You should also consider the relevance of each keyword to your main brand. Sure, it can have high traffic and poor competition, but is it really able to re-send the type of traffic your site needs?
  • Current rankings. It is worth checking to see if you are currently qualified for any of these terms; if it does, this may help to generate an initial boost.

Choose Your Best Candidates

At this point, your best candidates should be a matter of personal taste. You’ve reduced your list to more likely keywords to get the results you want, so for now choose a handful that’s easy to optimize (or backups).

Your first combination of keywords will not be perfect, but it will provide you with a solid base that you can use to further enhance your traffic level. Pay close attention to how your results develop over time and do not be afraid to make changes when you need it.

How to use Facebook Business Page Insights Like as Professional

How to use Facebook Business page Insights

Facebook business Page Insights and marketing owners know how important it is to have a Facebook business Page

Facebook is a platform that provides an easy way for you, your customers and potential customers to interact with each other. It is also a great place to:

  • Alert people about sales and vouchers.
  • Announce new products or services.
  • Highlight lesser known products.
  • Share photos of your company’s community participation in events such as 5km runs.

But even if you share the right variety of content on your Facebook business page of your company and respond to customers’ messages and feedback in a timely manner, but you are not collecting all the benefits of your page if you do not use the Facebook page Insight information.

This article will explain everything you can about Facebook business page Insights and how to use this information. This is a two-part article that will analyze both Facebook statistic in Part 1 and Facebook Analysis in Part 2.

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Getting Started with Facebook business page Insights

Once your company’s Facebook business page has more than 30 fans, it’s easy to access your analysis.

Just go to your page and look for the top: you will find “Insights” between notifications and posts.

Click that and the Insights deshboard pops up, providing various types of information at a glance: Actions on page, pages viewed, reach, Post engagement, and more.

facebook business page tips

Take a minute and see your five latest post, along with their being reach, engagement, and targeting information.

You can choose “Boost Post” to get faster and easier exposure for each of these posts, especially those that already work well.

You can choose a budget for your momentum, specify a target audience, and set the duration.

facebook business page tips

Under your data, you will find a section called “Pages to Watch”.

Here you can compare the performance of your page with similar pages. It can be a rich source of strategic intelligence!

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facebook business page tips

Facebook Insights gives you a fair enough overview of what’s happening on your Facebook page and how your fans respond.

But most importantly, you can use this and other Facebook Insights features to improve your business on Facebook and use the data from your business publication page to improve your business.

Features of Facebook Insights to use

The dashboard, also known as Overview, is the first thing you will see when you open the Facebook Insights Analysis Tool. Look at the left sidebar and you’ll see a list of the many areas of Insights.

facebook business page tips

Let’s take a quick look at these options and what they can say:

  • Promotions

If you have given any of your posts a “boost”, here is where you can see how these posts are promoted. You can also set up new promotions and there are several options depending on your goals.

  • Followers

See how many people follow your page, how many new followers you have and how many people have stopped following.

  • Likes

This is where you see the total amount of Likes you have had for your page, which have been paid (Facebook Ads) or unpaid (organic), how many people did you like your page, and unliked your page, and where the likes happened mostly directly on your page, but these likes can also happen in other places.

  • Post Reach

This includes not only the amount of people who like, reacted or commented on their posts, but also the amount of Hide, Report as spam and unlikes to generate their posts. It’s a good barometer to measure how your content is received.

  • Page views

Find out what sections of your page get more visitors. You can also see who has seen what and how, with a breakdown by age, sex, country, city, and device.

  • Page Previews

See who has just previewed your page, with age and gender.

  • Actions on page

Find out which actions have been taken and who has done so, for example, by clicking on the phone number, addresses, link to the website, or a call to action.

  • Posts

Not only do you see how well your posts (and when), but also those of your competitors or other pages you follow.

  • Events

If you use your Facebook business page to promote events, this is the section where you can learn about your audience demographics and who has clicked on to buy tickets.

  • Video

The Video Analysis tab of Facebook tells you what are the overall video views, what are your first 5 videos and how many “10 seconds views” you had (when your videos are displayed for 10 seconds or more).

  • People

Know your fans by discovering which countries and cities they are in, and also what languages ​​they speak. This information, in addition to the page tabs and pages displayed, can help you personalize different posts and promotions to different demographic groups.

  • Message

Find out how many conversations you have had with people in Messenger and their average response time to customer messages, as well as the percentage of messages that have been blocked, deleted, or tagged as spam.

  • Others

Other sections that may or may not appear in the sidebar, depending on the use of your Facebook for your business and the nature of your business, include branded content and the local site.

The brand’s content is displayed when you receive a verified page and is something you want to share and promote.

The venue is for companies with local presence and can tell you the demographics of people in your area and also how many people have passed your Facebook ads on their mobile devices.


Facebook Insights and their many analytics can explain virtually everything that happens on your business Facebook page. However, it is up to you to do something with this information and improve the performance of your page.

You can use Facebook Insights to help you optimize your next event promotion, improve posting time for your post, segment of some demographics, and simply find out what works and what does not.

Facebook is not the only source for analyzing Facebook pages, but it’s a great place to know the performance of your posts and events and to get ideas on how to improve.

How To Engage Live Facebook Audience Insights

facebook live software

Engage Live Facebook Audience Insights

“Being  live on Facebook and Instagram can be terrifying,” said John Haydon, author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, in one of his recent Live Facebook Audience. Speaking directly to his iPhone’s video camera, which he mounted on a tripod, he continues: “So I’m basically alive now, while it happens I can not go back.”

Technical errors can occur in the language, continues. And yet fortune helps the daring, and understanding and knowledge of the correct social network dynamics, it can reach a wider audience and get a deeper engagement than any other free tool available to social media Marketers.

Why is Facebook Live Worth Mastering?

Every week, when Haydon reviews the Facebook (Live Facebook Audience) prospect for his page, Facebooks live video is “undoubtedly” the most popular content he inserts. The broadcasts also lead to a regular weekly increase of registrations for your email list, which promotes them as the best way to know the future programs. In addition, you can download Facebook (Live Facebook Audience) Play Records as an MP4 file and edit them, extracts extracts to be released as separate videos. So if you’ve made a Facebook Live on “3 Things You Need to Know” on X topic, each of the three things could become your video.

Facebook Business Page

The quote I conducted was one of the Coffee Break Hump Day weekly programs that Haydon broadcasts from her Facebook business page as a way to keep the public commitment to their online courses and consulting practices. Its specialty are social media marketing strategies for nonprofits and this program consisted of ideas to use Facebook Live (Live Facebook Audience) in promotions for the GivingTuesday online social media event.

Some of the other suggestions I share here are from a Facebook Live workshop on Toastmasters Online Presenter online club speakers. I started exploring skills to improve webinar and online meetings. The blog posts featuring the reproduction of the workshop include Haydon’s slides and a spreadsheet for spreading broadcasts as well as reproduction of one of its programs. Also, I learned from my recent experiments and I published a tutorial to incorporate screen sharing and other media into Facebook Live with open source OBS Studio software.

Live Facebook has grown-up in importance for few years, and other social writers have covered their points of view, including Joe Beccalori with Nuances Of Facebook Live Video: Tips To Make Your Videos More Attractive and Thomas Brodbeck with Three Lessons Learned Live Streaming on Facebook.

Doing Live Facebook does not necessarily require the resources of a digital agency or access to a broadcast studio and equipment. Facebook Live is not just one thing. There are professional broadcasts in the studio on Facebook Live, simulcast with a television broadcast or other interactive content specifically produced for Facebook (Live Facebook Audience). There are also extremely amateur ad hoc transmissions: those friends you see appear in your feed cry: “I’m at the concert! This will be amazing!”

What I’m interested in is the intermediate territory where a public speaker, an opinion leader, or a consultant with a particular district can interact with his facebook audiences informally but professionally.

Say that John Haydon makes his live broadcast with only iPhone but a tripod is only half true. He was the first to see him share the screen on Facebook Live using OBS Studio (for a guided tour of Facebook tools to create and drive ads). Overall, however, you prefer the simplicity of speaking on your iPhone. During streaming, you can also tune your program onto a laptop computer, making it easy to track your comments as they appear on a larger screen. If you think something is missing, you can take the laptop and go back. An iPad also works for this purpose.

One of the secrets of Haydon’s success is that it responds to its facebook audiences. This is a format in which the audience writes questions rather than asking them aloud, but it is impossible for Haydon to answer. If you want to provide a link to a resource, you can promise to post it once you’ve finished the show. The way it relates to audience members is recognizing them by their name, with a “David, thanks for tuning!” or “Mary, this is a big question” or “Barbara has just shared a great idea. We learn from each other!”

This kind of recognition makes people feel good about participating and makes them want to comment more. Your comments become visible in Facebook news feeds, potentially attracting friends who were not originally invited to watch the video.

Live Facebook broadcasts benefit from Facebook‘s news feed algorithm as events that occur at this time and more closely announces them in news and alerts to other users.

The model tends to be what a Facebook Live audience starts small but then grows in size and commitment, with the amount of feedback multiplied as it goes on, says Haydon. For this reason, staying alive for longer tends to be better, as long as you have something to say.

Haydon says that the biggest mistake people see is not to properly promote their live Facebook events. Then they approach and wonder why they did not have a hearing. Occasionally, spontaneous Facebook Live broadcasts appear to an audience, but it tends to work better when connected to another event in news or public eyes. If you leave live from the scene of an air crash or a night-time victory of choice, you can create a viral feeling. For most of the rest, it would be better to let people know in advance that they will be live and where to find the broadcast.

For the Hump Day Coffee Break, Haydon sends an e-mail a couple of days before the announcement announcing the theme, a second on the show’s day, and a third a couple of days later (destined for people who did not open the post electronics) by promoting repetition. Of course, even posts on Facebook promote broadcasting. In some cases you can also do some advertising on Facebook to further increase your audience.

Haydon is an expert public speaker, but says that one thing that surprised him was how much energy it needs for a good broadcast. “You really have to put it there,” he says. He knew how to project an impressive presence on the stage, but initially thought that talking directly to the camcorder would be a quieter and “closer” experience. Instead, he found that he had to work hard to reach through the camera and attract the audience. Before starting any transmission, you spend some time in a positive state of mind.

He was also surprised at how much light also requires a simple conversation with the camera’s video to look good. He should come from different angles, he says. It uses a strong LED light, located about 15 meters away from where it is located so it does not throw shady shadows. He has a couple of other lights glittering on him from different angles, not directly in his eyes, but close enough to lighten his face.

As to the possibility that things are terribly wrong during their transmission, it can improve chances of being very well prepared. A good program will be interactive rather than written, but you need to have a summary of the points you want to make.

If you’re nervous about your first broadcast, the easiest way to do a “dry run” is to do a broadcast without promoting it. Without a previous promotion, you are unlikely to attract a large audience. However, if you experience disaster, do not be afraid to stop transmitting and deleting the playback video. Then try again until you feel comfortable.

At the end of a successful broadcast, look for opportunities to continue the relationship you’ve established with your facebook audiences. If you need to make a sales step, you will usually do so at the end (though you may need to preview it earlier in the program). It’s also when you remember people you like or follow your page to be aware of your next broadcast. Haydon usually directs members of the public to subscribe to their email list as the best way to keep their tabs in their Facebook Live (facebook live chat) shows, blog posts, and other content.

Although you can schedule a live Facebook presentation and get the link to the video in advance, as I did for my question and answer session, this is only possible if you use streaming software to connect via the API. Haydon does not do this in part because he prefers to scroll through the Facebook app app on his iPhone. Instead, their e-mail promotions direct people to access their Facebook page at fixed time “and run until they see my smiling face.” Rarely someone reports that he can not find the video that way, he said.

If you think that Facebook Live lacks some of the features you would expect from a professional webinar service, that’s true. On the other hand, Haydon used GoToMeeting for something like his coffee break at Hump Day, but decided that the routine of recording people to participate in shows prevented people from tune in their programs. In other words, their purpose was to relate to people instead of channeling them through a listing process.

How to Protect Website from Hackers and Manual Action

website content protection
Website Content Protection >Image source : Getty Images

If you are an SEO professional, you do not want to receive this notification in your Search Console (or your client) control panel.

“This site may not even work on Google’s results because it seems to be in violation of Google’s guidelines for webmasters.”

This dreaded message means that Google has performed a manual action on your website, which may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Hacked Site
  • Spam generated by users
  • Unnatural links to your site
  • Thin content
  • And much more

Security threats and search engine Penalties are critical issues that can hurt your positions and results. You should avoid them from the beginning. To get great SEO results, you need to make sure your website is well protected and optimized properly.

website content protection
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How to Keep Your Website Secure

According to Google, the number of hacked sites has increased by about 32% in 2016 compared to 2015, and this trend should not decrease. Aggressive hackers exploit vulnerable sites and if you do not protect your obsolete site now, it may be the next target of your attack.

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Common Types of Commitments on the Website

Junk Mail

Hacked spam is the most common type of website engagement. Spammers inject content into a legitimate site to drive traffic to a malicious or misleading site. A hacker can redirect content to pharmaceutical sites, gambling sites, or pornographic sites that can cause real damages to your site.

The Malware

Website Malware Protection. Malware is a software that has been written with the intent to corrupt data, devices, or people. Malware can directly affect users on your website, so Google provides strict warnings.

Skimming credit card

Theft of credit cards is a pretty new security threat that affects e-commerce platforms. It can also be considered as one of the most dangerous compromises for consumers since credit card data is stolen. Therefore, it can damage your reputation if you do not solve it immediately.


A botnet is a network of computers infected with malicious software and remote controlled by cybercriminals called botmasters. Botnets steal your resources to do malicious things, such as password decryption or fracture of other sites. This type of compromise is difficult to detect, often excluding website antivirus protection and security tools.

Making Web Security A Priority

You should always put the web security at the top of your list.

Hackers are constantly looking for exploits. Always check your log files so you can locate and correct any compromises immediately.

Be careful because only one weak link is needed to break the entire chain. You can make 98-99% directly on the security of the website, but if you neglect that 1-2 percent, you are still vulnerable to compromises. Hackers can exploit that single weak link and undo all the security measures you’ve made.

If it is a small or large brand, it can be affected by website commitments. Nobody is 100% immune to these types of security issues.

Why should You care?

  • If your site was attacked, a lot of damage may occur:
  • Users can not access your site.
  • You and your user data will be in danger.
  • The reputation of your brand will be affected.

In addition to the aforementioned damages, repairing a hacked site, searching for vulnerability, and re-protecting lost data can be extremely difficult. Website protection from hackers are constantly trying to keep a pirated pirate site. Therefore, they will do things that can prevent you from discovering compromises such as file cover and injection.The best way to avoid this disadvantage is to properly protect your website.

What can you do?

Here are the steps you can take to prevent your website being violated.

Log In To Search Console

Once you’ve added and verified your site’s property in the Search Console, Google will send you critical site notices, such as vulnerability alerts and piracy that you should pay attention to.

Maintain Security At The Top Of Your Strategy

Talk to everyone working on your site (developers, marketing, SEO professionals, etc.) and make sure you understand the importance of security.

Regularly Back Up Your Site

This is one of the most effective ways to retrieve your site when compromised, but not all webmasters do. If you have a backup of your site, it will be easier to return to its original state before it is hacked.

Keep The Software Up To Date

Keeping your software up-to-date is the easiest thing to do to keep your site from compromising. Most of the commitments Google sees are obsolete software, such as content management systems (CMS), add-ons, and so on.

If you are using a CMS platform or an e-commerce, sign up for receiving your newsletter and look for emails telling you that you need to upgrade your software because of security risks.

Talk to people working on your site because sometimes software updates can cause some add-ons to break or become incompatible.

Consider Investing In Security Software

If you are not an expert in protecting your site or believe you need an additional level of website content protection, you can invest in security software.

A Quick Word On Https

HTTPS is encrypting the transmission of information from your website, which is a good practice that can help keep your user data safe. This is related but is different from protecting your website from intrusion.Google encourages you to use HTTPS anywhere. If you have any limitations, use it on any sensitive data approved as your password or credit card. The Google Chrome browser will now tell you if sensitive information is transmitted outside of HTTPS.

How To Avoid Manual Actions

What is a manual action?

A manual action is a site regulation that manipulates Google Search. The manipulative behavior is:

Everything done to fool the search engines

Misleading behaviors (eg coating, unnatural bonds, scraping content)

Not limited to a specific set of rules

What should you do?

Always Check Webmaster Guideliness

Be sure to follow and understand the Guidelines of  Google’s webmaster. Do not resort to manipulative behaviors to play with the search engine; it will not do you any good.

Do Not Worry Too Much About Manual Actions

If you are creating a good website for your users, you will not be penalized. A manual action is reserved to webmasters trying to do something complicated to manipulate search rankings.

Improve Your Ranking By Focusing On User Needs And Technical Seo

Talk to your users about how you can improve your experience on your website. Google focuses on bringing users to sites that might be more useful to them. So, if you listen to what your users need and give them what they want, you should not have the trouble to position them well.

You also need to make sure that the SEO technical components of your website are ready for Google to understand correctly.

What is the Reconsideration Request?

A reconsideration request is a request that Google reviews your site after correcting the issues identified in a manual action notification. Reconsideration requests are manually reviewed by the Google Webmasters team.

Characteristics of a good Reconsideration request:

  • Demonstrates understanding of the problem
  • Details on how to fix the problem

Characteristics of a bad Reconsideration Request:

  • Submits a blank site
  • Does not list what has been changed
  • Destroy a site completely
  • If you do not know the problem, get expert help.


Key Points

  • Web security priorities
  • Follow the guidelines for webmasters
  • Do not worry about manual actions

How To Write Seo Friendly Content (Limited Time Resources)

How To Write Seo Friendly Content

How To Write Seo Friendly Content

Now Days digital world, Content is king. There is a significant value in the amount and quality of Content a marketer produces on any day, week, or month. For many quality content marketing experts, there is much concern about the ability to produce enough Content and the type of customer satisfaction due to lack of resources, according to a Curate report.

Time is an important factor in Content production, as it never seems enough for everyone. Combine this with a limited budget and multiple responsibilities, and Content marketing specialists can not see the much lighter day by creating quality Content that is useful and appreciated by the target audience.

Create Clusters of Topic

SEO is moving to a cluster cluster model where “pillars” act as the primary Content hub for a larger topic and more Content pages. By focusing your Content on topics on specific keywords, you can create less Content because it does not optimize a keyword for Content. Now, this high quality content writing will allow you to make more qualified visits to your site.  Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Find Overlaps

If you’re looking for Content that can be exploited for many uses, you can afford to give you your balanced part of search and time. For example, if a question arises frequently, it may be worth writing Content to address it: investing in Content to customers will at the same time create a benchmark that could improve and save time on future customers. interactions. Twistlab Marketing

Create and Attach A Calendar

Subsequent a calendar is of great importance. Creating an appropriate calendar and meeting it will help overcome the lack of resources and Content. Setting specific dates to create Content, promote, distribute, write and find resources will help to avoid marketing issues.  UADV

Focus On Strategy

A Content marketer should not generate any piece of Content. The role of a Content marketer should be the development of a Content strategy, incoming Content curing, and the distribution of responsibility for creating Content within the organization. They should be an interesting information channel licensed to attract various industry experts across the organization. Freeman

Extend The Life Of Your Content

Developing a piece of high value Content and then complementary pieces that tell history more visually and with interactive elements is an effective strategy. You can use the same video focus where you can use movies for stills, memes, GIFs and videos. These tactics extend the life of your Content with a better return on investment. Creative Content has a better performance on the market for any audience. Union > Webster

Choose The Quality Over The Quantity

Using keyword content quality checker tool (such as SEMRush) and social listening tools (such as BuzzSumo), marketing Content can access a wide database of Content ideas and trends that are important to customers. Focus on creating a top quality publication that your competitors have written on Google’s first page and simply provide the most authoritative publication on the topic. Quality exceeds quantity.

Create Reports That Citizens Can Use

When choosing editorial choices or priorities, focus on the famous newspaper tenant: the news that citizens can use. Focusing on this standard will help ensure that your Content is not only appreciated but widely shared by friends, fans, and followers. If you do not understand what makes the Content more relevant, hire a talent communication agency to generate news coverage and conversation. Citizens Relations 

Find The Right Colleague

First, decipher the need and align it with your business goals. Then use a partner who takes a data-based approach to how often, and who. We consider the partner as a master to orchestrate the landscape through technology, data and creativity. A narration framework allows scale and design inside and outside the home to ensure the right Content. ICF Olson

Exploit the Power of Influence

Curving the Content is one of the most consumable processes in electronic commerce. The success of any campaign depends largely on quality Content. However, this is where the “influencers” of social media destroy a great deal of value. They can create genuine and high quality content at a price lower than what it would cost to create it on their own. The influential people can not be overlooked- Social Cadre

Focus On Modification, Not On Production

We are currently in an overload of Content: too many companies produce essentially the same Content. Smart Marketing specialists understand that it is not about competing in crowded spaces, but to filtering their Content properly. Whether you create it or reuse it, sharing Content that truly understands the needs and interests of your audience is what will be real value, Mightliy

Schedule In Advance

Whether you outsource production of your Content or keep it in business, you will pay for it to produce consistent and quality Content. The key is to plan ahead and ensure that Content arguments are aligned with your marketing goals. Consider assigning pieces of Content to a handful of people within your organization to spread the word. This also allows you to show different perspectives. Marketing Approach

Concentrate On Your Ideal Client

Frequency and volume of Content can generate traffic, but is often useless traffic. Focus on less pieces that talk about the goals, opportunities, and challenges of your ideal customer. Give them meaningful ideas that they did not have before accessing their Content. At the end of the day, great Content creates acceptance in your vision of the world. Content is thought to be leadership. The Shattuck Group

Produce Proprietary and Unique Content

Investigations, surveys, data, and other forms of proprietary Content are far more precious in the long run than the curious Content machines that are pulling out budgets and advice from third parties. Instead of relying on other sources for your Content, it becomes the source of other people’s Content. Instruments such as Google Consumer Insights and Amazon Mechanical Turk make it easy and scalable. Digital Foundation

Use Available Resources

Everyone in your team has a unique perspective. Take advantage of this resource by asking them their opinions or helping them create Content on their own. This will not only eliminate the pressure of the major creators of Content, but also create a diversity of voices that will inevitably improve its Content. Trekk

Test User-Generated Content

Producing high quality Content can take a long time, but fortunately there are two billion smartphone users who are eager to help you. Many of our emerging clients as digital leaders use collective creatives of origin known as Content-generated Content to overcome the barrier to Content production. This creativity is often seen as more authentic and, ultimately, is a higher conversion. Blackbird Garage