Now the network has been around for years, so there’s really no excuse for being an asshole.

Unfortunately we do not want to be tough, but basically what you are if you continue to use one of these ten stupidly common Passwords.If you use one of these – for nothing – basically enough to invite hackers into your life.But do not worry, it’s pretty easy to reform your Internet habits and help protect yourself from crime.Even people with the strongest Passwords remain victims of computer fraud and cybercrime for reasons beyond their control – but it helps if they do not make it easier for criminals.

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Dr. Jeff Yan, co-author of Password search, has developed the 10 most common (and therefore weaker) Passwords in a filtered Yahoo database.

He said to MailOnline: “Why [somebody] uses such clear Passwords? One of the main reasons I think is that they do not know or understand the risks of online security.

“Just as everyone knows what he should do when the red lights are lit up the road, in the end everyone knows that 123456 or the like is not a good Password option.

What is a good Password option?

Ideally it would be a bit hard to guess, so something personally tied to you that no one would be able to find out from your online profiles.

For example, if you send infinite images of your Buster dog to Instagram, do not make your Buster123 Password or something.

Mix with special characters, uppercase and lower case letters and security numbers.

Do I just need a secure Password?

Not only that – just having a strong Password yourself will not really protect you.

In particular, one of the most common pitfalls where people fall is whether they create a strong Password and use it for all their accounts.

The problem with this is that if there is a security breach in one of these sites, hackers have access to everything you used that Password.

What you need is so many, preferably different, Passwords for all your accounts.

And they make them quite different so that hackers can not easily guess the variations.

Oh God! But it seems difficult to remember a Password, much less charge

Fair enough – the human brain can only go so far.

Some people prefer to save their Passwords in their browser, such as Google Chrome, so they can log on automatically without having to remember them all.

A safer way to do this is to use a Password storage service such as LastPass, which remembers your Passwords and protects them.


What should I do if, despite all this, someone breaks my accounts?

The first thing to do is to immediately change your Passwords for all your accounts.

So check if they’ve taken any money or have placed orders on your account – if so, call the bank and stop the transaction. If it was made through a third-party payment service such as PayPal, call them as well.

Find out if hackers have left personal information around. For example, if you have ordered things from your account, they may have left a delivery address and a phone number on their own. Take note of these.

Finally, call Action Fraud at 0300 1232040 to report fraud to the police. Alternatively, you can report the crime using the online form.


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