How to change Computer Name

If your PC came Pre installed with Windows 7, your PC likely has a weird computer name. As you likely know, one can view computer name by right-clicking on This PC (Computer icon) on desktop  and then clicking Properties.

It is important to establish a unique name for your computer, especially if your computer is part of a network or if you often need to connect your PC to a network. If there are more computers with the same name on a network, there may be problems with connecting the PC to the network.

How to change Computer Password

how to change computer name

Renaming or changing computer name in Windows 7 is fairly easy as you can use both Settings app and old Control Panel to change your Windows 7 computer name. In this guide, we will see how to rename your Windows 7 computer.

Following are the two ways to easily change computer name in Windows 7.

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Change Windows 7 computer name via Control Penal

Step 1: At the homepage of Start Menu, click Control Penal.

how to change computer name

Step 2: Click Click User Account and family safety to see various information about your PC and Windows 7 of your PC.

how to change computer name

Step 3: Click the User Account Tab to launch Change Your Computer Name your PC dialog.

how to change computer name

Step 4: Type a new name for your Windows 7 PC and then click Change Name button.

how to change computer name

Step 5: Now your Computer Name was Changed.

how to change computer name


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