How To Remove Cache In Google Chrome To Resolve Privacy Issues

how to clear cache

Cleaning Caches from time to time can be useful to your computer. This is also important when considering Internet browsers as caching can pre-archive certain files, such as images and web pages. This allows faster access if you are going to visit pages with the same components.

However, data stored on the hard drive can cause privacy issues for many people. Therefore, it is important to delete the data from frequently used web browsers. Here are ways to do so in the Google Chrome web browser.

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1) Open the Google Chrome browser by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.

2) Once opened, select the menu button at the top right of the Chrome window.

3) Select More Tools and Delete the Navigation Data by clicking the option available to delete it.

4) If you are using the Windows or Linux operating system, you can press the CTRL + Shift + Delete key completely. Otherwise, you can press Command + Shift + Delete in Mac OS.

5) Select Menu> Settings> Advanced> Delete navigation data.

You will be prompted to specify how long the information Cache will be Cached. Select “Delete the following items from” in the drop-down menu. From this time you can select “Cached Images and Files”. You can then click the “Clear Navigation Data” button and Chrome then remove the Cache.

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You may also experience a problem with Google Chrome frozen instances. Also, you will receive a “Cache waiting” note. You can resolve this problem by deleting the Cache on your GoogleChrome browser. This may also apply to smartphones, which are also susceptible to privacy issues.


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