A clean palette can do wonders in life, especially when it comes to the many gadgets and gadgets we use every day as the iPhone. Although running a smartphone factory resurfacing may not seem ideal – essentially cleaning the device of all and all personal settings and data acquired over the years – it is occasionally necessary when resolving the software device resolution. As shown in our Troubleshooting Guide, many steps can be taken to resolve iPhone issues, even if the factory reset does not resolve the issue.

Although it may seem a daunting process, restoring any iPhone to its original factory settings, whether it’s an iPhone 7 Plus or an iPhone 5SE, is a simple process that requires little more than your phone and five minutes of your time. Once completed, you will see that all the data and content of the phone (songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, etc.) have been deleted, thus protecting your personal information and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands. Sell your device.

Scroll down for our quick guide on resetting a factory iPhone, so you can delete the data before switching to the device. The exact process to do this may vary slightly depending on the iOS version that is running on your iPhone, but it is essentially the same regardless of whether you are performing a factory reset with iTunes or your automated phone. Also, you can follow the same directions when performing a factory reset on any iOS device.

How to restore an iPhone with iCloud

iPhone reset

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or an older model, such as iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or 5S, the easiest way to reset your iPhone is to to use iCloud.

Prepare your iPhone for Recovery

If you have iOS 10.3 or later, go to the iPhone Settings menu – Settings> [Your Name]> iCloud or go to Settings> iCloud for an earlier version of iOS and activate the items you want to back up. We recommend backing up almost everything, but in particular your Photos, Mail, Contacts, and Notes. Once you’ve chosen what you want to back up (and note that anything you do not back up will be lost forever after resetting) scroll down to find the backup backup button with the green icon . Click on it and turn on iCloud Backup with the drop-down switch. So if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can back up. Note that it will take a few minutes.

For more detailed instructions, see our guide on how to use iCloud to back up your iPhone.

Alternatively, you can count on a PC. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and click the gray button now happens when you view the Device Summary tab in iTunes.

Access the Reset menu

Tap the Main Settings icon when you see the Home screen, select General from the resulting menu and tap the Reset button at the bottom of the resulting page.

iphone access reset menu

Restore your iPhone

Touch blue Clear all content and settings near the top, followed by the Red Delete iPhone option in the resulting popup to confirm your decision.

reset your iPhone

Restore your iPhone

When the restart process is completed – a process that may take several minutes – verify that the phone has been restored to its original settings. If it is successful, the iOS Setup Wizard will be displayed again at startup, from which you can reset your phone from a backup or continue the process as if it was configured again.

iphone apps and data

You will need to access and set your iPhone to zero once it has been reset to the factory. The prompts will ask if you want to restore from your iCloud account, set up a new phone without any previous settings, or use iTunes and a PC to restore the old content to your phone.

If you are interested in what all iPhone recovery options mean, skip to the last page of this article. If you want to perform a factory reset with iTunes, read.


iphone reset code

Running a factory reset on an iPhone, whether it’s a 4S or an iPhone 7, is easier when you use iCloud and resets it directly from your device, but you can still use Apple’s aging iTunes with a PC. This is useful if you have traditionally used this method and you are a longtime iPhone owner.

Prepare your iPhone for Recovery

First, start iTunes as usual. If you’re on a Mac, click the iTunes menu on the left side of the main toolbar, and if you’re in Windows, click the right-hand drive menu. Select Check for updates from the resulting drop-down menu and make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. If not, download and install the latest version. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and click the gray backup button when the Device Summary tab is displayed. Alternatively, follow our guide on how to use iCloud to back up your device to Apple’s remote servers. Even if you do not have to back up your device, you will save your photos, apps, contacts, settings, and other data so you can automatically restore other iOS devices from line backup.

iPhone restore

If you’re using an iPhone 4S or a recent device, you can also turn off the search for an iPhone. To do this, touch the Main Settings icon when you see the Home screen, select iCloud, and touch Search on my iPhone. Then, move the slider at the top to turn off the function if you have not already done so.

Restore your iPhone

When the backup is complete, click the Reset Gray iPhone button when the Device Summary tab is displayed. Click the Restore button in the resulting popup window to confirm the decision and, if prompted, click OK to accept the software license agreement and start downloading the required iOS software file before restoring it.

iPhone 7Plus

Make sure your phone has been restored

After the restore process has completed (a process that may take a few minutes), make sure your phone has been restored to its original settings. If it is successful, the iOS Setup Wizard will be displayed again at startup, from which you can reset your phone from a backup or continue the process as if it was configured again. It’s like I just fell off the assembly line in China again.

iPhone hello


When you restart your phone, iOS gives you a number of different options and may be confused knowing which one to choose. Normally, you want to run the factory reset mentioned above, but here’s an explanation of what other options make so you can choose the best reset for your needs.

Note: If you sell the phone or delivery to another person, the one that erases everything and returns to the original state is Delete all content and settings.

Erase iPhone

Resets all settings

If you choose this option, you will not lose all your data, but you will lose your Wi-Fi settings and password. The manual settings disappear, of course, but you still have your photos, apps, and other content.

Deletes all content and settings

This is the option described at the beginning of this post, which eliminates everything from your device. Settings, images, apps, and other data will be turned off forever unless you have copied content.

Restart the network settings

Sometimes you need to update your network settings to set up a better connection. Choosing this option resets network settings, deletes cache, and deletes temporary files stored on your device. It is ideal for those who have problems with different Wi-Fi connections.

Reset the keyboard dictionary

Sometimes self-correction can do more harm than good. If you feel like your iPhone is always suggesting typos and wrong words based on your previous messages, you can always reset the keyboard dictionary.

Resets the main screen layout

Even though most people like to set up their smartphone’s home screen with their favorite apps, sometimes it’s okay to change things a bit. If you want to return to the original design of the home screen provided with your phone, you can choose this restore option.

Restore location and privacy

Sometimes, when you start playing in environments, you can ruin things. If you want to go back to the original phone settings and position, this is the reset for you. All other information will remain intact.

Update: We’ve added some additional links to help you find other troubleshooting guides.


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