How to Sell on ebay

how to sell on ebay
Selling your stuff on eBay

Selling on eBay can be a fantastic way to get rid of unwanted junk and make money at the same time, especially if you have wardrobe full of sorrow. However, browsing the labyrinth of selling items on eBay can be daunting, especially for beginners. We have compiled some of the best auction practice professionals advice to make your sales experience enjoyable and profitable. Here are our topĀ  tips and tricks to know how to sell on eBay.

How To Sell On eBay

  • First thing first: take a lot of good photos. People will be able to distinguish between stock images and the original item and showing the item as they will give them confidence in their condition, so be sure to be of good quality. Additionally, you can now add up to a dozen. BONUS!
  • In the same way, the details of the article are very important. Nobody will buy your items if they can not find them, and give eBay all the information you can to help your things appear in the searches.
  • Optimize Your Title. Item Description where you can sell your product to focus your title to make sure your item is displayed. Use popular keywords and specific details instead of descriptive language not necessary to ensure your ad reaches the top of your search results.
  • Do not cheat on the descriptions. We know that one can be tempted to pull an almost destroyed iPod as “slightly used”, but an honest condition description will give buyers good response and vice versa. He alone will lose you otherwise.
  • Familiarize yourself with language. Many eBay users save time and optimize their searches using abbreviations such as BNIB (new box) or VGC (very good conditions). Knowing these jerk bits can help you look faster in searches and save a lot of writing.
  • Answers are a very important feature of eBay: new users have a reaction rating of zero, which can often put out cautious buyers. Bump your comments a bit before selling with the purchase of some cheaper items, and will be able to sell at higher prices.
  • Remember to leave your feedback. If you buy from others, or on your sales, do not forget to leave feedback honestly. It will help your reputation as a good member of the community and encourage others to do the same.
  • Never underestimate what people will pay for. The man’s basket is another treasure of men and eBay is flooded with briquettes that will buy a broken, obsolete or even resonant computer to repair and sell, so do not be afraid to paste something seemingly useless.

how to sell on ebay

  • If you’re not sure if an item is worth selling, try looking at how similar advertisements have been made. Run a search for your article and in the options on the left hand side select “Finished Ads” to see the final price of other ending auctions.
  • Take care of your overheads. When you consider eBay and PayPal vendor fees and shipping and packaging costs, you may often find that some low value items actually end up costing the money to sell what you also want to do by the article. not be out of your pocket.
  • Know your price. If you are selling something that is readily available, try lowering your initial bid to be a little more competitive. Or, if it is a specialty manifold item, the price is high to prevent experienced buyers colliding with a bargain.
  • Get the right time. According to eBay, the most expensive time for buyers is Sunday afternoon, so plan auctions to end at that time. Avoid moments where most people will be busy, such as public holidays or any other important event, such as sports or late-night parties.
  • Manage your calendar. No one is looking for winter coats in July, or bathing suits in January, so be sure to keep in mind the time of year. Alternatively, sometimes you can make a lot of money by filling gaps in the market, with buyers ready to trade before the prices increase, so use your judgment.
  • If you want to get something from your hands quickly, consider adding an “Buy Now” option. This means that users can avoid the auction to fit at a fixed price. This can prevent an underperformed product from overcoming, but also eliminates the possibility of a supply war.
  • If there is something occupying a space you just want to get rid of, it lists a ridiculously low price as “just collecting” – the buyer will take it for nothing and you may end up making money.

how to sell on ebay

  • Make sure you consider the postage. Royal Mail can sometimes be expensive, so make sure you know how much it costs to ship your item including the packing. You could also look for alternative delivery services such as UPS, DHL or MyHermes potentially a better deal. Consider the free postage offerings to make your advertisement more attractive and consider it in the offer now price or booking.
  • Make sure your shipment is as fast as possible. One of the quickest ways to annoy a buyer who paid delivery the next day is to wait three days before actually posting the item, so make sure you avoid negative responses by posting them as soon as possible.
  • Make the most of free ads. Every seller gets 20 free ads per month, but eBay also offers “free weekends free” lists, where you can enter unlimited items at no extra cost. In addition, unsold items will be automatically listed three times at no additional cost.
  • Stay away from Paypal if possible. While it is a great system for buyers, it adds additional expense to sellers on top of eBay. Every seller must list it as an option, but if an item is for the collection, let’s say you prefer cash for more savings.
  • Keep the receipts. Fan buyers sometimes claim an item never arrived for a refund, so it is worth paying extra to get a sort of tracking service as a shipping test.
  • Do not be afraid of reimbursement. If an item that is not sufficiently packaged gets damaged, or is not accurately described, giving a customer unsatisfied repayment is almost always less annoying than dealing with negative feedback, which may be more problematic in the long run.
  • Be prepared to answer questions. If a buyer or potential buyer of messages to you with a question on your ad, respond quickly and amiably will gain goodwill and good feedback, and make the experience faster, easier and more fun for everyone concerned.
  • If you receive negative feedback, pay attention to how to handle it. If you are honest and constructive critic, be kind and sympathetic. It is important not to ever enter mud-slinging and names, even with the most unpleasant feedbacks. A reasonably polite attitude signals you as a particularly good seller.
  • Remember, eBay is not the only option to sell your stuff. Gumtree is good for non-postal or overpriced items as there are no charges and it’s based on the collection. However, it also means that you do not get protection from the eBay seller, so beware of potential scammers.
  • Do not artificially inflow the price. Getting family and friends to bid for items to increase the price are known as “shill” and besides being totally illegal, it is also a crime that is taken very seriously by eBay and can beat the ban on life.
  • Examine the available tools. There are innumerable free services to help marketing, mass upload tools such as Turbo Lister to Goofbid tools for researching search patterns. Look to find the right one to help grow your sales.
  • Sell only to those who feel comfortable. When you go to the My Account page, following the Site Preferences menu, and then Sales Preferences, you can find the Buyer Requirements page. From there, you can set a minimum score of feedback that buyers must meet to bid for their articles.
  • Self-promotion is important. If you sell a lot of items in the same category why not include a note or brochure with the items sent by notifying the customer of other products that might be interested? This type of personal commitment can do miracles in encouraging repetition activities.
  • If you have a lot of smaller items that are not worth selling individually, try to market similar ones like a lot of work or include them as gifts with larger associated products. This gives a sense of value to money, and also helps get rid of less attractive objects.
  • Take care of your money. If you intend to trade on eBay seriously, it may be worth creating a separate bank account for your business to ensure that you can accurately monitor what you have inside and out and accidentally cut off in your profits.


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