How To The iPhone X can be Used Better

How To The iPhone X can be Used Better

The iPhone X does not have a Home button! Here we show you how to unlock the device, turn on Siri, use Apple Pay, take screenshots and use all the other features of the Home button on iPhone X.

iPhone X
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The iPhone X is here, check out our list of the best deals on iPhone X and is different from any Apple phone you released earlier. On the one hand, it has the biggest screen ever seen on an iPhone, and has a Home button (or, indeed, any physical button at all) on the front of the device.

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So how do you unlock the device, go to the Home screen, activate Siri, turn on the application switcher, and do all of the other features accessible via a Start button? With gestures or alternate buttons, or with your face! In this tutorial we explain how to use the iPhone X.

How to Unlock Your iPhone X

iPhone X has no Touch ID, because the fingerprint scanner used to sit on the Home button (RIP) and Apple decided not to go to the back of the device or embed on the screen. Instead of Touch ID, we get Face ID.

To unlock your iPhone X, just lift your device and see things: by default it should establish visual contact, a deliberate feature designed to prevent people who can unlock the phone when you are asleep or unconscious. It should be unlocked near the time.

Note that this does not automatically bring you to the Home screen, but simply unlock the device, which will be visible by editing the lock icon at the top of the screen. Then, you need to scroll up from the bottom or activate one of the other functions available from the lock screen (such as the camera).

iPhone X
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How To Use Apple Pay With The iPhone X

The loss of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner also affects Apple Pay. This is also verified by facial recognition.

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You have to double-tap the side button (formerly known as the power button), look your iPhone to verify identity, then hold the phone near the contactless terminal to complete the transaction.

If you use Apple Pay online or in an application, things are slightly different: double press and authenticate, and the transaction must be completed in 30 seconds. Otherwise, you have to double press and repeat the authentication.

How To Return To The Home Screen

The original and most obvious goal of the Home button is to return to the home screen from anywhere. This is now done with a gesture: scroll up from the bottom of the screen, as I did to open the Control Center. There is a small bar at the bottom of the screen, except when it fades during video playback and the like, to remind you of this.

How To Access Control Center

Talking of Control Center, it is now activated by swiping from the top right corner of the screen.

You may not like the notch at the top of the screen, but it has the advantage when it comes to the interface to actually transform the upper edge into two distinct gesture-sensitive sections. And the upper left edge is used for something else.

How To Access The Notification Center

Move down from the upper left edge to open the Notification Center.

How To Switch From One Application To Another

As usual, you can go back to the Home screen, look for the application icon and tap to open it, but you’d like to know the equivalent of the old one by double-Press the Home button that was used to let the application appear. .

Move the screen from the bottom of the screen (on the small bar) just like you do to go back to the Home screen, but this time hold your finger or fingertip on the screen for a moment or two until the application selector . Now you can scroll left or right to scroll through open applications, and then tap it to open it.

If you do not want to bother the application selector and want to go back to the previous application, you can slide your finger on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Some early users have found it easier to make a small semicircle gesture up, across or down, but try to find the best and the most effective for you.

iPhone X

How To Take Screenshots

You can not capture a screenshot on the iPhone X by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power buttons, as you do not have a Home button. Instead, simultaneously press the volume-up button and the power / side button.

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The screen will blink White and, thanks to the new iOS 11 capture feature, you will see a small thumbnail of the screenshot at the bottom left. You can tap this to add annotations or share it, scroll left to disappear or just wait for it to disappear.

How To Activate Siri

Hold down the power button to turn on Siri, or say “Hi Siri!”, As before, and assuming you enable this feature.

How To Activate Reachability

When Apple first debuted with their big iPhone screen, it worried that people could not reach all the touch screen with their thumbs while holding the device, which introduced a new Reachablitly feature, such as a small screen image to complete when you press the Home button two times (not pressed). There is no Home button but the screen is bigger than ever, so how does it work?

It is now turned on by scrolling down at the bottom of the screen. If you are concerned that this is triggered accidentally while using applications, you can turn it off (or turn it on) in Settings, under Accessibility.