How to Set up a VPN on Phone android and iPhone

VPN on Phone
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How to Set up a VPN on Phone android and iPhone

Setting up a VPN on Phone is a quick and easy process, as iOS and Android have built-in VPN capabilities that can be used. However, almost all VPN providers also have applications that can be downloaded and used to configure and configure their VPNs.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is used for several reasons, including keeping your private Internet browsing (VPN on Phone )or access to blocked services by region. VPNs also help hide the most dangerous parts of the Internet.

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They work effectively by hiding your presence on the Internet, so what you do on the Internet can not be filtered if governments, hackers, or advertisers who are looking to find what you’re interested to do to target your ads will surprise you how many organizations would be interested in your Internet habits, regardless of whether you are doing something wrong or not.

By encrypting all this data on your smartphone with a VPN, VPN on Phone,  both on your iPhone and an Android device, you can be sure that the navigation and the applications you use are only for your view and not for a third.

If you need to manually add your VPN (VPN on Phone), do the following:

Setting Up a VPN on Phone

vpn on phone

In the configuration option, click General and scroll down. There, you will find an option to configure a VPN.

Here, you need to enter the server connection details, choose the encryption method used by the VPN and enter the login data for the subscribed service.

It is so Now, when you connect to the Internet, you will see a small VPN logo in the top status bar, which indicates that you are now accessing the outside world through the VPN you choose.

Setting Up a VPN on Android

vpn on phone

The process is very similar if you are on an Android device. Once again, most providers will have an application that can be downloaded and configured for you, but if it is not, that’s the way it is.

Open the Configuration application.

In the “Wireless & networks” section, select “more”.

Select “VPN”.

In the upper right corner you will find a + sign, tap it.

The VPN provider you choose will provide you with all VPN information. Simply select the desired protocol and enter all the information.

Press “Save”.

You can connect back to the VPN configuration and select the VPN of your choice. You will be asked to enter your username and password. Or you can also press the 3-point menu button to configure the VPN so it is always active.

Further things to consider

Depending on your chosen VPN provider, and if you opted for a free option, there may be some restrictions for browsing. Most of the free bids are limited in one way or another. This is usually a data limit (eg 10 MMB / month) or can limit execution speed. You can also be limited to which servers you can connect with a free offer.

In practice, we find the configuration and operation of a very fast process, which takes less than 5 minutes and something that everyone should consider to safeguard their presence on the Internet. A small drawback is that you can see a slight reduction in the battery life of your phone if you keep your VPN all the time. This is because it runs full time in the background so that you can consider deactivating the VPN when you do not access the Internet with the device.