How To Delete WhatsApp Messages With In Week

Recently, WhatsApp has presented its most awaiting feature, or deleting uncomfortable messages. With this feature, WhatsApp users can delete accidentally sent messages. But there is a limitation, that is, people can only delete messages in seven minutes. But, what if your message has more than 7 minutes? However, there is an error in WhatsApp that allows people to delete their messages for a week. Here’s how to remove WhatsApp messages that upto a week old.

how to delete whatsapp messages
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How To Delete WhatsApp Messages With In Week

Here’s a step-by-step procedure, after which you can delete one-week old messages on WhatsApp.

  • First, disable Wi-Fi and mobile data regardless of what you are using.
  • Then go to application selection and select WhatsApp.
  • Touch and then force stop.
  • Then, go to the Date and Time option and set the date that corresponds to the day you sent the message to be deleted.
  • Once the date and time has been set, reopen WhatsApp and find the message to be deleted.
  • Hold it down and then choose Delete> Delete for Everyone.
  • Switch your Wi-Fi and mobile data, reverse the date, and your message should be replaced with a placeholder message reading “This message has been deleted”.

It’s a pretty easy process to delete old messages. However, this method can not delete messages more than one week. For such messages, WhatsApp displays the message to select the correct date. However, you can delete messages a week using this approach very easily.

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